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Corbett Cricket Ground

Corbett is synonymous with jungle adventure; gives an appearance of encountering a beast at any moment; and an endless enigma of safari…

Corbett Cricket Ground takes it to the next level of audacious experiences. Cricket gets the flavor of wildness, backdrop of hill, and sound of fast flowing Kosi River.

CCG offers simply, a unique way to play cricket; and get lost in the stunning environment of emerald forest of Jim Corbett. At the background of stories of ‘Legendary – Jim Corbett and his battle with fiercest man eaters’, playing cricket is no less than a story to share when you’re old.

The pitch of ‘Corbett Cricket Ground’ follows all international rules; and has passed the international standards. 1991, the escapade of cricket in Corbett was started by ‘Shri Ashwani Kumar and Shri Aman Kumar’ with modern infrastructure.

Cricket Overview at Corbett Cricket Ground: Corbett Cricket Ground is 55 yards ground, encircled with deep forest, buzzing birds, whispering breeze, and towering mountain range at the backdrop.

It’s a perfect picnic spot with cricket match’ can be compared to ‘Eden’ for Corporate Cricket Matches; fantabulous for day outings with fun and games.

Corbett Cricket Ground is a promised land of cherished get together, offsite trainings, and team building.


Facilities: 55 Yards Cricket Ground, International Standard Turf Pitch, International Standard Area to Practice & Team Drill, Total 15 Practice Pitches (9 Turf Pitches & 6 Cemented Pitches), Access to Bowling Machine (assist in transforming bowlers into professionals), Fully Equipped Pavilion, Open & Covered Area Available, Pavilion Supports All Weather Conditions


Activities at Corbett Cricket Ground: Cricket Matches, Promotional Activities, Picnic, TV Commercial Shoots, TV Shoots, Film Shooting, Corporate Events


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