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Osian Jodhpur

Osian a hamlet of Hypnotic Sand Dunes

65 Kms away from north of Jodhpur, is waiting ‘Osian’ the land of ancient traders, treasure hunters and Rajput sagas. Osian is regarded in history as the lively and strategically imperative trading center, with its prominence between 8 to 12 centuries AD.
Contemporary world, has failed to take away its charm and intriguing facets. Today, Osian is beloved for its Jain temples, pilgrim centers and appointment with desert adventures.
Osian, in yesteryears was recognized as ‘Upkeshpur’ and was home to wealthy Jain community. The Jains left an untouched and unexplored legacy at ‘Osian’, amid its splendid temples, awe-stuck architecture, eye-catching sculptures, and colorful lifestyle.
Osian is a wonderland in every sense; either it is the image of 24th great Jain teacher ‘Tirthankar’ made from sand and milk, or the Sachiya Mata Temple, exhibiting Jain heritage.
Osian is filled with surprises, if it behold you with its heritage, then it gives thrill amid its ‘Desert Camp Safari’ that open into a world of sand dunes, came safari, Rajasthani cuisine, and folk elation.
The joyful Osian is not done; you also get to celebrate the rejoicing Marwar festival ~ the festivity of ‘folk music, lively dance, and colorful costume’.
Osian never disappoints…

Facts about Osian:

  • Osian is far famed as ‘Khajuraho of Rajasthan’
  • Osian is known for its 8 to 11 centuries Jain Temples
  • Osian finds its mention in history of ‘Gupta Period and attack of Muhammed Ghori in 1195
  • Osian is the oasis of ‘Thar Desert’ and is an old trading center of Rajasthan


Attractions and Adventures at Osian:

  • Sachiya Mata Temple
  • Jain Mahavira Temple
  • Shri Mandore Bheruji
  • Surya Temple
  • Harihara Hindu Temples
  • Kali Temple Osian
  • Desert Safari
  • Night Camp in Sand Dunes
  • Camel Ride
  • Rural Tourism


How to reach Osian?

  • Osian is easily accessible by ‘Rail, Road and Air’
  • Jodhpur is the nearest airport to Osian. Jodhpur is connected by air from ‘Delhi, Mumbai, Udaipur and Jaipur’
  • Jodhpur is the nearest railway station to ‘Osian’ and is situated at a distance of 70 Kms
  • Trains are available from ‘Mumbai, Delhi, Jaisalmer, Guwahati, Bikaner, Jaipur, Kota’ etc.
  • Osian is connected by road and bus service from major cities


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