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If you love indulging in adventure activities then India is a perfect destination for you, that offers superb prospects for adventure tourism. For the same reason, in the past few years, India has become quite famous as an adventure travel destination, all across the world. One can indulge in a number of adventure activities. The mountains of the northern region of India and the beaches of Goa offer excellent opportunities for such activities and thus are visited by a large number of people every year.

Day 01: 05-03-2018 OPEN
Day 02: 05-04-2018 OPEN


  • Great views of Bhagirathi and Shivling peaks
  • Drive through Bairon ghati bridge, said to be the highest suspension bridge ( 103 mt)in the world
  • Ancient temple at Gangotri
  • Hot Sulphur spring at Ghagnani
  • Great chances to see Bharal (Himalayan blue sheep) in its natural habitat


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Maria July 13, 2016

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